Bitclub Advantage Network: How i Earn Bitcoin While Sleeping With Bitclub Advantage.

Bitclub advantage giving me joy like “Kilode”.
I practically got my 1st 300% like 2weeks back & here I am again in less than 2 weeks
with another 300% & even extra on it. Once I renew my account, another 300% is already loading. 
Abeg, Bitclub advantage sweet no be small. Those are the words of Testimony of  Bolanle Chris-ezomoh a member of the bitclub advantage Network.

BitClub Advantage has done it again, Car achievers and the Millionaires Circle. 
Turning Ordinary people into Extra ordinary Millionairess. Congratulations are in order to my uplines. 
I believe the only thing between us and our DREAMS is taking ACTION. Be a part of this life changing wave. Those are the words of Marcel Kw a member of  the bitclub advantage Network.

What is Bitclub Advantage?

BitClub Advantage is a company formed by a team of PROFESSIONAL TRADERS with EXPERTISE in one of the biggest financial markets of today, the CRYPTOCURRENCY. Our focus is to provide our affiliates with daily and constant profits in these markets. The Bitclub Advantage CEO is Alex Vera and the company has it’s  head Office in the UK. Bitclub Advantage have commission Offices in Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, France, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria etc. There are 2 ways to participate in the bitclub advantage network; Active participant and Pasive Participant.

Bitclub Advantage Active Participants; These are people that invest in the bitclub advantage network , Promote the network and refer others to the network. So they earn from their investment and also from referrals.

Bitclub Advantage Passive Participants; These are people that doesn’t want to promote or refer anybody to the program, so they earn only from their investment.

What is Trading?
In Trading, the goal is to make a profit through frequent buying and selling of stocks, commodities,
or digital currencies, selling at a higher price than the one you purchased. It is, therefore, a short-term investment.

What is Crypto currency
A Crypto currency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD, but designed for the purpose of exchanging
digital information through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography. Cryptography is used to secure
the transactions and to control the creation of new coins. example of cryptocurrencies include bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin etc

Bitclub advantage investment Plan.

Bitclub Advantage has 7 Different invest Plans and the returns are fixed by on the different packages you choose. You can earn 1.12 – 1.4% daily, Monday – Friday Only makes a week in Bitclub Advantage.

See below how the Bitclub investment plan works.

1. Client Partner

Investment= $25
Membership Fee = $5
Total Cost of package  = $30 @ N420/$ = N12,600
Return on Investmet
Daily   =  N 117.60
Weekly  =  N 588
Monthly =  N 2,587
Min Withdraw Theshold = $10 = N4,200
Monthly Charge = $0.75

2. Client Basic

Investment= $50
Membership Fee = $5
Total Cost of package  = $55 @ N420/$ = N23,100
Return on Investmet
Daily   =  N 235
Weekly  =  N 1,176
Monthly =  N 5,174
Min Withdraw Theshold = $10 = N4,200
Monthly Charge = $1.5

3. Client Bronze.

Investment= $99
Membership Fee = $10
Total Cost of package  = $109 @ N420/$ = N45,780
Return on Investmet
Daily   =  N 567
Weekly  =  N 2,835
Monthly =  N 12,474
Min Withdraw Theshold = $15 = N6,300
Monthly Charge = $2.97

4. Client Silver

Investment= $249
Membership Fee = $15
Total Cost of package  = $264 @ N420/$ = N110,880
Return on Investmet
Daily   =  N 1,423
Weekly  =  N 7,111
Monthly =  N 31,290
Min Withdraw Theshold = $40 = N16,800
Monthly Charge = $7.47

5. Client Gold

Investment= $499
Membership Fee = $15
Total Cost of package  = $514 @ N420/$ = N215,880
Return on Investmet
Daily   =  N 2,851
Weekly  =  N 14,250
Monthly =  N 62,706
Min Withdraw Theshold = $75 = N31,500
Monthly Charge = $24.98

6. Client Premium

Investment= $999
Membership Fee = $30
Total Cost of package  = $1,029 @ N420/$ = N432,180
Return on Investmet
Daily   =  N 5,707
Weekly  =  N 28,530
Monthly =  N 125,538
Min Withdraw Theshold = $150 = N63,000
Monthly Charge = $24.98

7. Client Black

Investment= $1,999
Membership Fee = $30
Total Cost of package  = $2,029 @ N420/$ = N852,180
Return on Investmet
Daily   =  N 12,927
Weekly  =  N 64,646
Monthly =  N 258,300
Min Withdraw Theshold = $300 = N258,300
Monthly Charge = $49.98

Those are the basic earning from investment only but for those that can promote the Bitclub Advantage program, they can earn referral commission.

See Bitclub Advantage Compensation plan for Affiliates below.

Bitclub Advantage compensation plan

There are 5 ways Bitclub advantage Affiliates can earn Commission and Bonuses.

1. Direct Referral Bonus

This is the bonus or commission you earn for every person you directly refer to the bitclub advantage program. It’s 50% (half) of the 15% of the investment plan your direct referral is activating.

This is how it’s calculated.

If your direct referral is activating Client Silver for example;
Total cost of client silver is $264 less member ship fee of $15
$264 – $15 = $249. So the 15% can only be charged on $249.
15% of $249 = $37.35.
So direct referral bonus will then be 50% of $37.35.
$37.35 x 0.5 = $18.675.

Since you know understand how it’s calculated see the detail direct referral bonus for All the packages below.

*Client Partner 15% of package Cost = $3.75, direct referral bonus is $3.75 x 0.5 = $1.875

*Client Basic 15% of package Cost = $7.50, direct referral bonus is $7.50 x 0.5 = $3.75

*Client Bronze 15% of package Cost = $14.85, direct referral bonus is $14.85 x 0.5 = $7.425

*Client Silver 15% of package Cost = $37.35, direct referral bonus is $37.35 x 0.5 = $18.675

*Client Gold 15% of package Cost = $74.85, direct referral bonus is $74.85 x 0.5 = $37.425

*Client Premium 15% of package Cost $149.85, direct referral bonus is $149.85 x 0.5 = $74.925

*Client Black 15% of package Cost = $299.85, direct referral bonus is $299.85 x 0.5 = $149.925

The remaining half of the 15% of the package cost is paid as indirect bonus level 2-8.

2. Indirect Referral Bonus

From level 2- 8 the remain half of the 15% is spread as follow.

1st level 50%, You already earned as direct bonus

2nd level 5% indirect referral bonus

3rd level. 5% indirect referral bonus

4th level. 6% indirect referral bonus

5th level. 7% indirect referral bonus

6th level. 8% indirect referral bonus

7th level. 9% indirect referral bonus

8th level. 10% indirect referral bonus

So if we still use the Client Silver example, the total 15%  commission  is $37.35 and  you already earned $18.675 as direct commission.

So 2nd Level, you earn 5% of the remaining $18.675 = $18.675 x 0.05 = $0.93375

3rd Level, you earn 5% of the remaining $18.675 = $18.675 x 0.05 = $0.93375

4th Level, you earn 6% of the remaining $18.675 = $18.675 x 0.06 = $1.1205

5th Level, you earn 7% of the remaining $18.675 = $18.675 x 0.07 = $1.30725

6th Level, you earn 8% of the remaining $18.675 = $18.675 x 0.08 = $1.494

7th Level, you earn 9% of the remaining $18.675 = $18.675 x 0.09 = $1.68075

8th Level, you earn 10% of the remaining $18.675 = $18.675 x 0.10 = $1.8675

which sum up to $18.675.

3. Binary Matching Bonus

Binary simply means two, which means you need to introduce minimum of two people before you can entitle to binary matching bonus. The company pays 50% of all volume (Points) produced by your weaker team daily @ 11:59pm and each points equal $1.

How is Bitclub Advantage Point  Values Calculated?

Points are accumulated through referral and each referral is assigned a point as shown below.

1. Client Partner = 5 points

2. Client Basic = 10 points

3. client Bronze = 20points

4. Client Silver = 50 points

5 Client Gold = 100 points

6. Client Premium = 200 points

7. Client Black = 400 points

4. Residual monthly Bonus

In this bonus, Bitclub Advantage separate 50% of all monthly payments of your network and distributes this percentage down to the 10th level

5. Career Plan Award.

This is based on points accumulated by referring new members to the bitclub advantage program.

When you accummulate;

1. 10,000 points you get MontBlanc Watch or Invicta

2. 20,000 points you get iPhone 7 and  Apple Watch

3. 40,000 points you get Moto Yamaha factor 125i

4. 100,000 points you get  4 days vacation in Europe, Real Madrid or Barcelona game entry ticket & luxury car rental

5. 250,000 points you get a Luxury car & Cruise travel

6. 500,000 points you get Corrola or Honda car & Trip to Cancun

7. 750,000 points you get Mercedes Benz C 180 & Trip to Hawaii

8. 1,000,000 points you get a Porsche Carrera

All bitclub Advantage package expires when you earn 300% of any of the package you buy and to continue to earn, you have to buy another package again.

How To Join Bitclub Advantage

1.  Click Here To join the Bitclub Advantage 

2. Fill the Form with your info, tick i agree to all terms and click on signup.

3.Once you signup was successful, you will see this message, Click Go to Login

4. Enter your username and password, tick i’m not robot and click on Login

5. Once you Login, you will be required to update your info. So click on data tab and update your WhatsApp number then on the Address tab and update your address. verification can be done later.

6. Login to your email, you will see a welcome email from Bitclub Advantage, click on confirm your account.

7. Once you have updated your info, then click on the order tab, then checkout activation

8. On the next page select a plan, click bitcoin to pay then Click Done to proceed to the payment page.

9. On the next page, Copy the bitcoin deposit wallet address generated for you and the amount of bitcoin you are to send and head over to your wallet to send the bitcoin.

If you don’t have bitcoin yet, click here to buy bitcoin

10. To know if your deposit has been accepted and activated, click on the orders tab and you will see
your order marked as complete

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