3 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies in Nigeria Where Beginners Can Make 5,000 Naira Daily.

3 best Affiliate Marketing Companies in Nigeria where beginners can make 5,000 Naira Daily is going to be a very detailed guide for beginners in Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria.
In this blog post, i will show you what is affiliate marketing, how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, the best affiliate marketing companies, how to join affiliate marketing and make money online in Nigeria. etc

Affiliate marketing is a very powerful and legit way to make money online in Nigeria. Do you know ordinary people like you are making 5,000 Naira or more Daily online in Nigeria by selling or recommending products, program, Training etc of other people and earning cool affiliate commissions.

In affiliate marketing you don’t need to own the product so it requires little capital and all you just do is promote the products/program and get paid good affiliate commission.
The commission you will earn per each referred sale is called Affiliate commission which can be 100%, 50% etc. depending on the affiliate marketing company you are promoting their product/services.

There is not limit to the amount of money you can make online with affiliate marketing programs but the task is how do you know genuine affiliate marketing companies and not waste your time and resources promoting affiliate programs that doesn’t pay.

I have picked a few affiliate marketing companies that are good for beginners and i know they pay.  You can start with them before you become comfortable with other affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria and be able to select your own Affiliate marketing programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?
Affiliate marketing in simple terms means finding a good quality product or services you like, promoting it, make a sale and get paid a certain percentage of profit by the owner of the product or services.

The Percentage of the profit you will get paid per sale is called affiliate commission.For how affiliate marketing works, i will just show a brief example with the NNU Income Program. assuming you like the income package offered by the NNU Income, you joined the Affiliate program by paying the signup fee of 1,600 Naira.
After that, you promote this top paying affiliate program by sharing on social media etc and for every sale NNU Income pays you 1,000 Naira Affiliate commission. That brief example illustrates the concept of Affiliate marketing.
Even if it’s not nnu income, but you joined affiliate program of online shopping websites like Jumia Affiliate Program, Konga Affiliate Program etc the concept is still the same.

Find a good product, Promote, make sale and get paid Affiliate commission.

How to start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria.
Starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria is quite easy since it requires little or not capital but for professional affiliate marketers it’s a career because that is what they do daily and to put food on their tables.

1. Find a profitable Niche
The first step to starting affiliate marketing is finding a niche. Just the way two people can not like exactly the same kind of food, you have to know what type of food you like best and know everything about that food. How to prepare it, where to buy the raw food stuff, the recipe etc That is just an analogy for you on what Niche means. Having a great deal of interest in a particular Niche will make it easier for you to be able to select good affiliate product in that niche and be able to recommend it to others and make affiliate commission.
Some of the difference Affiliate Niches includes make money online, weight loss, sport betting, network marketing, seo etc

2. Build your AudienceBefore you start promoting Affiliate offers it will better if you can build a kind of audience prior to promoting your offers. This is the most important step for beginners in affiliate marketing because if you don’t have any audience, who is going to buy the product you are promoting?
The easiest way to build audience is by having large followers on social medias like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc. You can also start a blog or a website, Youtube Channel, Facebook Page etc  and build your traffic and audience.
3.Find an Affiliate ProductAfter getting the first and second steps correctly, the next step for beginners to make money with affiliate marketing is to select a good product. Selecting a good product is very important to your success as an affiliate marketer. If you select a wrong affiliate product you might not a make any money at all.
If you find it difficult getting an affiliate product, then you can chose all or any of the 3 best affiliate programs in Nigeria i will show you later in this blog post.
4. Promote, Promote and Promote.The last step is for you to start promoting once you have found your top paying affiliate program.

You joined the top paying affiliate program, get your  referral link or affiliate link through which each sale can be tracked back to you, promote, make sale and get paid affiliate commission. Promoting your affiliate link should be easier if you have built your audience already or you have a good marketing plan for paid advertising.

Affiliate marketing will involve you doing all these fours steps over and over again. That is how to make money with Affiliate marketing as a newbie in Nigeria.

3 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies in Nigeria Where Beginners Can Make 5,000 Naira Daily.

1. NNU Income Affiliate Program


The first of the 3 best affiliate program for beginners in Nigeria is NNU Income Affiliate Program

The entry cost is just 1,600 Naira and you will 1,000 Naira per sale as an Affiliate. Alot of affiliates are making money online in Nigeria with the nnu income affiliate program so if you are new to affiliate marketing in Nigeria you can start with the nnu income program.

2. Wakanda Income Package Affiliate Program.


The second of the 3 best affiliate program for beginners in Nigeria is the wakanda income package affiliate program.The entry cost for the wakanda nation income is just 1,300 and by promoting this affiliate program, you will earn 1,000 Naira per sale of the Affiliate income package.


3.Naijahow Activity Earning Affiliate Program (NHAEP)


The Third best Affiliate marketing program for beginners in Nigeria is the Naija how activity earning
Affiliate program, This is a top paying affiliate program for beginners in Nigeria. The entry cost is 1,100 naira and you will make 500 naira per sale of this affiliate program.
There are other good affiliate programs for beginners in Nigeria like the jumia Affiliate program, Konga Affiliate program, Glo Affiliate Program etc
So you can do your due diligence to research for other genuine Affiliate program with which you can make 5000 Naira Daily Online In Nigeria.

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