What business can I start with 5000 Naira

What business can i start with 5000 Naira? Are you a student or low income earner and want to start a business either online or offline with a little start up capital of 5000 naira? Then, this blog post will show you lucrative and highly profitable business  you can venture into and start earning even from the very first day. Most of the other articles i see online about what business can i start with 5000 naira are not just practicable! I mean you can not easily follow the business model and make money but the information  you will get…

What kind of Business can i start with 30000 Naira

I was just thinking what kind of business can i start with 30000 Naira? I know for sure, there are many people having  sleepless nights thinking of the best business that can give good returns with a little capital of 30000 naira but can’t just come up with a good business idea.  The major problem with most people that have 30000 naira or more to start business is, they have fear of loosing the capital. They are so scared that they will start thinking of every what ifs. What if something happen to the 30000 naira, what if the program is a…

How to Make a living on Youtube 2019

How to make a living on youtube is exactly what i’m going to show you in this blog post. It’s going to be the most comprehensive free guide you will find online on how to make money posting free videos on youtube. If you have being looking for a free online business that can make you a sustainable income, then you will find this post very helpful as you will discover how to make a living on youtube, how to open a youtube account, how to post videos on youtube, how to rank your videos on youtube, how to grow your channel and increase your…

Jumia One App: Review & How To Make Money with Jumia one Referral

Jumia one App is an all in one convenient life style mobile app that you can use to make payment for your Paytv, internet data subscription, electricity bill payments, airtime recharges etc from an internet enabled android phones or ios powered mobile phones. This blog post is going to be  an indepth jumia one app review. Then i will show you how to use the jumia app for your recharges and also how to make money through the jumia one referral.  About Jumia One App jumia one App is an innovation of the Africa’s largest online shopping website Jumia Nigeria.…

Viraltrend Review: Get Paid To Post On Instagram

In this viraltrend review, we are going to see if it’s actually possible to get paid to post on Instagram and other social media networks like Facebook, twitter etc. So is Viral trend real or Scam? If you have being looking for a way to make money on Instagram and all your other social media accounts, then you have just discovered the easiest way to make 1,000 to 2,500 Naira daily by performing simple social media tasks as a promoter on viraltrend.org  Viraltrend Review: About the ViralTrend Viraltrend is an advertising company that help businesses to go viral by taking care…

NNU Ng Register: How To Activate Your NNU Income Account Instantly

Ready to register your nnu.ng account? Then use referral id as earnwithme. There are 2 ways in which you can activate your account. You can make payment of the 1,600 naira registration fee through paystack or coupon code. The fastest way to activate your account by using a coupon code. But make sure you buy your coupon code from approved agents.

X10 Platform Review: Trading Bitcoin for Beginners Made Easy

Trading bitcoin for beginners can be a pain in the ass especially if you are just starting out and don’t know how trade bitcoin and make money online. In this X10 platform review we are going to see whether it’s real or scam, the claim that you can make 10x your investment and generate daily profit in bitcoin with the X10 app auto trading algorithm(bot). 

Chateko Review: How To Make Quick Cash Online In Nigeria

Chateko Nigeria is a unique register and make money program where you can earn 1500 Naira or more daily and withdraw your earnings without any delay into your bank account . When joining any online program, one of the things i always check is the system of payment of the program. When is the program paying, is there any payment threshold, are there are conditions to fulfill before you can request for payments etc.

Helping Hands International Registration for H2i Salary4life

H2i top up and earn stated on it’s website that the program is not a network or matrix program but a cash back system where members can have access to sustainable VTU recharging platform and also earn passive income.

A cash back system is a system that pay you back, it works like giving a discount on your purchase and allowing to make money back. Let assume you buy a product of 4million Naira on a cash back system and it gives a 2% cash back, that means after your purchase, you will earn back 80,000 Naira just by making that purchase.

How to Earn 1,000 Naira Daily Through Telecom Business

There are so many platforms like h2i salary4life offering the VTU services where you can vend airtime, data etc directly but none of them is offering an investment package option like the h2i save and earn. With the investment package, instead of selling airtime and data directly, you can just invest weekly and the fund will be used for the vtu business. On every VTU recharge, H2i Nigeria gets 5% profit. As an investor in the h2i save and earn, you will be paid 2.5% profit on every transaction done with your invested money. You just sit back, relax and watch your investment grow weekly till then end of the tenure which is 6 months and get your capital and the profit back.