Affnaija Review: How To Make 1,000 Naira Daily on Facebook with Aff naija.

This Affnaija Review shows that with less than 2 minutes of work, you can now make 1,000 Naira daily on Facebook with Affnaija!

Have you tried everything online but can’t seems to figure out how to make money online in Nigeria?

You are not alone, i’ve tried so many programs too until i came across Aff naija and everything changed!

Affnaija is not just one of those programs you’ve done before that promises heaven and earth but at the end of the day you could not earn a dime.

This is because in aff naija you are providing services and getting paid handsomely for the services rendered.

You might not know this yet, your ordinary facebook account can make you 1,000 Naira or more daily with just 2 minutes of work!

You heard me right! This is only if you stop being like most people who have 2,000 or more friends on facebook but all they do is post about their new Dresses, the outings they attended last weekend etc.

Your facebook account is now an asset and can keep generating money for you forever with Aff naija.

I know you are thinking hey! How do i start earning immediately?

It’s quite simple friend! All you have to do is just post on facebook and earn.

You do post on facebook everyday right?

It’s time you turn that into a daily income with affnaija.

When you post on facebook daily you earn with aff naija.

So start posting on facebook and start earning!

Cooldown, it’s not just any post that will earn you money but posts from affnaija that you will just share on your wall/timeline on facebook and bingo! You begin to make money online in Nigeria!

What if i tell you it takes less than 2 mins to do this daily and you will earn guaranteed 1,000 Naira daily.
Will you just click here and Join the Affnaija?

What are people saying about Affnaija

Below are some of the Affnaija Reviews

“AFFNAIJA has stolen my heart You guys are simply too real to be true. Just when you are about shouting wow! A new innovation pops up. I withdrew and got an alert in less than an hour. Keep it up”
Lilian H.

“Aff naija pays This site is bomb…..very cool site to make your cash. Istandwithaffnaija”
George A

“Affnaija is the best This is a way for even the laziest man hello friends join now and thank me latter its potential is huge and guess what it starts counting from the very 1st day”
Collins A

“Nice place to earn Though I just joined, but it’s look like it’s a good site for people to earn cool cash,
due to the affiliate members testimonies. Keep it real guys! #AffNaija”
Isaac Y

Are wondering What is Affnaija?
AffNaija is a performance based affiliate partner network. Aff naija is in partnership with major ecommerce websites likeJumia, Konga, Payporte, Kilimall, Yudala, Kara, Mall for Africa, AliExpress e.t.c. and generate revenue from commissions earned per sale for every customer they direct to those ecommerce websites. Affnaija was launched in November 2017 and has being paying promoters that subscribed to them timely.

How To earn on Affnaija
There are 3 ways to earn of Aff naija

1. Share and Earn

You post product links from merchnats on your facebook wall and you get paid a certain amount depending on your level of membership/subscription with the Aff naija

2.Refer and Earn.

It’s not compulsory for you to refer before you can earn with Affniaja. But if you promote the program and introduce your friends to the program, you will earn referral commissions.

3. Become Affnaija Agent and Earn

You can earn commission by helping affnaija fund new and existing members Wallet when they want to subscribe.

Requirement to Join Affnaija

1. Internet enabled device like your Smart Phone, Laptop, Ipad etc

2. Facebook account with minimum of 300 Friends

3. email

4. Bank Account

Affnaija Compensation Plan

Your earnings on Aff naija is dependent on your level of subscription so if you can afford the highest subscription level, just do it because you will earn more this way.

If you want to earn 1,000 Naira Daily, Subscribe to Veteran for just 10,000 Naira

If you want to earn 700 Naira Daily, Subscribe to Ultimate for just 7,000 Naira
If you want to earn 400 Naira Daily, Subscribe to Premium for just 4,000 Naira

If you want to earn 100 Naira Daily, Subscribe to Basic  for just 1,000 Naira

That is what you will earn daily once you login and share the daily post on facebook. You don’t need to refer anybody before you can earn. 

But if you want to increase you daily earnings, you can also promote the Aff naija and earn commissions per referral.
If your referral subscribes to Veteran, you earn 2,000 Naira

If your referral subscribes to Ultimate, you earn 1,500 Naira

If your referral subscribes to Premium, you earn 1,000 Naira

If your referral subscribes to Basic, you earn 250 Naira

Please note that each of your subscription is valid for just 30 days. So if you want to continue to earn daily without referral, you must subscribe again after 30 days.

How To Join Affnaija.

1. Click Here To Join Affnajia, the click on Register.
2. Read the note on how to fill the registration form and fill the form with your detail, tick accept terms & conditions and Click on register.
3. On the next page you will see how to activate your account. Aff naija has 3 agents for now to help you activate your account. 
>>Agent Idris 08168902800 Click to Chat Agent on WhatsApp
>>>Agent Lizzy 07066545119 Click to Chat Agent on WhatsApp 
>>>Agent Mary 08033826516 Click to Chat Agent on WhatsApp 
Just contact the agents and they will guide you on how to credit your Affnaija wallet. Once your wallet has been credited then click on the subscription you want to buy, then fill the billing details as seen in the from below and use referrer username as earnwithme and click on place order.

Once your purchase is successful, you will see this message.

Once you see the above message, click continue to dashboard.
That is all with the signup process, what you need to do next is go to the share and earn tab to share your first post on facebook and start earning.
If you will like to refer to the Aff naija program, click on the marketing tab and click the Affilite links tab. You will see your referral link there.

Proof of Payment on Affnaija

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