72 hours income generator is now 72ig implementation program

72 Hour income Generator: How To Go From Zero Sales To Making Multiple Sales Daily With Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Who wouldn’t like to have a personal 72 hours income generator? Absolutely nobody!

Few years ago when I was looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria through affiliate marketing, I signed up on clickbank but never made a dime, then I tried jvzoo but no sales too, then I joined warriorplus still no sales also until I discovered the expertnaire affiliate platform then i made 15 sales and did over 135,000 Naira in affiliate commission. That was how i was able to go from making zero sales to making multiple sales daily though Affiliate marketing in Nigeria

At first I was skeptical to join but after few months of checking expertnaire payment proofs and researching about the affiliate platform, I finally saved 10,000 naira then head over to the expertnaire website and signed up.

Even though I was so scared to join expertnaire because I was thinking what if I don’t make any sales just like I did not make any sales on clickbank, jvzoo, warriorplus etc.

I was determined to make this work. So i went on to blast my messages on facebook, twitter and whatsapp. To my greatest surprise, i made my first sale after 72 hours of joining the platform. I made 9,000 Naira affiliate commission from the sale of the 72 hour income generator.

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Just the sight of the name made me fell in love with the product. Who else will not like a 72 hours income generator?

After going through the sales page of the product, I watch the video presentation and toyin omotoso did a wonderful job in making that video. I still couldn’t believe that video is free.

Anyway, since the product is a high value product and the 72ig implementation program is the right training for people that are struggling to make sales online through affiliate marketing. There are many people implemeting the training and getting unbelievable results so i know the product is working. I have sold more than 6 copies of 72 hours income generator already.

By then, I have personally not bought the 72 hours income generator but, later in 2020, the product price increased from 30,000 to 40,000 Naira and also the name of the training changed to 72ig implementation program.. Also the price was suppose to be increased by 1st October to 50,000 Naira but I don’t want to pay 50,000 naira for it.

Exactly on the 30th of September, I was able to raise my 40,0000 naira for the 72 hour income generator and I bought it. Very happy with myself that I have saved 10,000 Naira. If I have delayed, I could have got into the program for 50,000 naira.


If you are struggling to make affiliate sales online you have tried all possible methods but you are still not making any sales, 72 hours income generator is the right training that will help you go from making zero sales to making multiple sales online. This because you will be able to unearth where your potential customers are hiding online and also get a road map on how to get to them.

How the 72 hours income generator helped me.

After purchasing the course, I started going through the training and even from the first video I watched, I found out why I could not make any sales in clickbank, jvzoo, warriorplus. It was a great discovery!

After then I watched how to research affiliate products and how to research my target audience.

Then I learnt what the sales funnel was all about and the best sales funnel to use for greater affiliate profits.

I was surprised everyone including me was going for the wrong sales funnel and that was why I could not make any sales on clickbank.

Also I learnt about email marketing and how to build a very responsive list.

Then the holy grail of affiliate marketing! How to drive traffic to my affiliate offers through Facebook, Instagram and banner advertising.

The 72 hours income generator is very very helpful and I’ve started creating my sales funnels already by implementing what i’ve learnt.

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A summary of what you will get when you also buy the 72 hours income generator.

  1. You will learn how to become a sales machine and how to create powerful sales funnel which makes making sales very easy and effortless.
  2. You will get step by step guide on how to implement what you are learning including including assignments that will help you in creating your first affiliate campaign
  3. You will get tools that will help you create you affiliate marketing campaigns easily
  4. You will get one year free membership into the expertnaire affiliate market place which cost others 10,000 Naira.

In short you will get all the training videos, ebooks, tools and support you need to go from making zero sales to making multiple sales daily through affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Core of the 72 hours income generator training.

  1. Product and audience research so that you know the right product to promote, where to get such product and who are the right people that will buy the products from you and how to get to them.
  2. The art of preselling and positioning. This is where you will prepare your target audience for the sale so that at the end of the day, you will already break any resistance or excuses they want to give not to buy the product you are selling.
  3. Email marketing and list building. This is how to further followup with your customers to increase your chances of making sales
  4. Driving targeted traffic from Facebook and Instagram. The more people that can see your ads, the greater your chances of making a sale. This is where you will learn to advertise through facebook and instagram at a minimal cost and get great retuns from your marketing campaigns.
  5. Driving targeted traffic through banner ads advertising. You learn what banner ads are, how to create attractive banner ads and how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers through banner advertising.

You will also get bonus resource on steps to create you first campaign and how to make sales through WhatsApp marketing.


The 72 hours income generator is a very powerful training on how to go from making zero sales to making multiple sales daily through affiliate marketing in Nigeria. If you have still not get the 72ig implemtation course uptill now, click here to get it if you are serious about making money online in Nigeria through affiliate marketing. After going through this training, you should be able to craft out powerful profit pulling ads that can generate high affiliate commissions for you. Also you should be able to run facebooks ads and know how to create stunning lead capture page, how to build your list and how to convert traffic into sales.

I therefore recommend this training to anybody who is looking for reliable ways to make additional income or extra income through side hustles in Nigeria.

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