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5 Costly WhatsApp marketing Mistakes preventing you from Making Sales.

Are you promoting your products through WhatsApp? You are probably making one of these costly Whatsapp marketing mistakes which is causing you sales.

WhatsApp is the easiest instant messaging App for business, that allow you to connect with customers who has shown interest in the products or services you sell,

  • chat with them,
  • send voice notes,
  • send them Videos,
  • Product Images,
  • Product Catalogue,
  • Make Voice Call and Video calls with them,

in order to make it easy for them to understand what your business or product is all about and buy from you.

With all these robust features of the instant messaging App, businesses suppose to be making sales effortlessly on WhatsApp.

But that is not the case for most people.

So, I’m writing the post to share some insight about 5 costly Whtsapp marketing mistakes preventing people from making sales on WhatsApp and how to attract a crazy number of ready to buy customers to your business every single day.

I’ve tried to sell some health and wellness products through WhatsApp but never made any sale.

I sent broadcasts, post on WhatsApp groups and uploaded products images to my status just like everyone is doing now.

Did I make any sale?


I was wondering why I could not make any sale and that led me to the discovery of these 5 costly Whatsapp marketing mistakes that is preventing people and businesses from making sales on WhatsApp.

  1. Not setting up your profile properly for sale

This is the first of all whatsapp marketing mistakes most people do. Imagine if you have so many businesses and you tell a customer to chat you on WhatsApp, only for the customer to see that your profile shows you do something different.

Do you think such customer will trust you and still be willing to do any business with you?

The answer is No!

This is what you should do instead, get a dedicated WhatsApp number for a specific niche and use profile picture that depicts you as an expert in that niche or display you in your office or shop with your products.

Write a relevant description of the product and services you offer, the features of your products, what makes it better than your competitors and why customers should buy from you.

If you do that, anybody contacting you on your WhatsApp will instantly have a feeling of trust for you and look forward to doing business with you.

  1. Not following up

Most people don’t follow up with customers, continue to educate and ask for sales on WhatsApp.

This should not be confused with spamming people because you have their contact. Once a customer message you on WhatsApp, you have their contact and you can contact them any time.

So, you should send them greetings during festive periods, you can send them birthday wishes, send them messages at the beginning of the week or month.

This doesn’t have to be messages directly about your products just normal messages that will keep them connected to you.

Imagine how embarrassing it would be when you finally have the chance to ask for a sale and the customer is like who are you?

And you have to start explaining who you are all over again.

To avoid this kind of situation, always message and send your customers updates.

  1. Not building a list

Most people don’t build a list or segment contacts that have interest in their businesses or products so that they can sell and resell to them.

You can quickly and easily build a list of customers on WhatsApp by building a dedicated customers only group.

This group should contain only people that have bought products from you in the past or has ordered your services. You can quickly send them updates when you have new products or continue to educate them on new developments on your products and services.

  1. Not being consistent and post regularly

This is also one of the  Whatsapp Marketing mistakes most people make because they don’t know the difference between just creating contents and promoting products and services. You have to be consistent with the type of messages you send your audience, the type of products images you upload on your status.

All should show just one thing, you are the best in a certain category of products or services.

Don’t upload wristwatches today and tomorrow you start uploading kitchen items.

If you do, it will be difficult for customers to know exactly the category of product you actually represent and they might go elsewhere to buy.

  1. Not Using Voice and Video

Not leveraging on this powerful feature of WhatsApp is one mistake people make that prevent them from making sales.

You have opportunity to call and explain the feature of your product and services to your customer. Some customers prefer to hear your voice to know that you are a real person they are doing business with.

Some might even prefer to video chat with you and see your office or store and be sure you are what you said you are and you have the product you post that you are selling.

Also with video chat, customers can see the real product and you even have the opportunity to show them additional products before they will buy.

During video call, customers might even change their minds and buy more expensive product because they are able to see exactly what you have to offer and have confidence in you as a trust-worthy person they can do business with.

Now that you have become aware of some of the costly mistakes people make that cost them sales on WhatsApp, let see how to attract thousands of ready to buy customers to your business through WhatsApp and increase your Sales.

So, permit me to introduce to you Maria Ebenezer a whatsapp marketing expert and my coach because I’m still learning how to use whatsapp to sell from her too.

– CEO of an International Business With clients from Europe, Asia and North America.

– Tripled customer bookings and Clients for her Business when she discovered the right way to use WhatsApp to grow a business in 2019

Do you want plenty potential buyers to be messaging you daily on Whatsapp to know more about what you sell and also want to be able to convince potential customers who show interest in your product and services to instantly buy from you?

Then, I will recommend you check out this WhatsApp to Ecom Training by Maria Ebenzer.

And you will be able to start attracting crazy traffic of Ready-To-Buy Customers Landing On Your Business Through WhatsApp.

If you think you already know how to use WhatsApp to sell, this is totally different and not a stale method. It’s something new and what Maria is using to grow her own business. You could double or even triple your own sales when you follow the steps this guide.

Also, if you are thinking whether this is a difficult strategy to implement, this is so simple and with just 3 steps you could set up everything and start generating sales. Also, you will get templates and demonstrative guide on how setup everything so fast.

Finally, if you are thinking whether this will work for you or not, my answer to that is IT WILL WORK FOR YOU! Because Maria was able to triple orders from her customers using the same strategies you are about to discover.

Once you are able to follow all the steps and strategies revealed in the guide, you will also get more sales.

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If you are just getting started with selling on WhatsApp or you have been using WhatsApp to sell but not making enough sales, or you are getting just enquires and it stops there. You are not able to convince customers to buy from you through WhatsApp, it’s highly recommended you check out this guide to avoid all the whatsapp marketing mistakes that can prevent you from making sales. Also,  learn how to properly setup your WhatsApp profile, how to properly engage with customers on WhatsApp and above all how to easily make sales on WhatsApp.

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