VTU Recharge And Get Paid: How To Make Money Like The Banks

VTU Recharge And Get Paid: How To Make Money Like The Banks
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VTU Recharge and get paid is the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria like the banks when you buy airtime or do data subscription directly from your bank account. Do you know that the banks make Billions of Naira in commission from all the networks mtn, glo, Airtel, 9mobile etc every time you buy airtime or do data subscription directly from your Bank Account?
Yes! They do make crazy commissions  every single day just by providing you with the VTU service that enable you to do airtime recharge or data subscription directly from your bank account.

Now pulse and think for a second. What if you can lay your hand on the same secret the banks are using to make such crazy commission on every VTU of data and airtime. And you can be in the comfort of your room and process simple orders from clients just with your phone and also make crazy commissions daily too.
My question to you
Will you be interested?
If yes, then continue reading as i will be exposing all the secrets of VTU recharge and get paid including the ones that the banks are using to rake in crazy commissions daily. When you lay your hands on secret and the business model of VTU recharge and get paid, it will be like having one of the Bank’s ATM installed in your house, loaded with cash and dispensing money to you each and every time.
This secret will make your bank account to keep growing every day and all day none stop.
You might be thinking yeah, is this like other businesses i have done before, with lot of promises but later failed.
Let tell you this,VTU recharge and get paid is totally different whatever you have seen before. This is ingeneous and You will make loads and loads of cash daily doing VTU recharge and get paid.
How much Can You Make daily with VTU recharge and get paid?
Well depends on individuals and how hardworking you can be. But Making from 5,000 naira to 20,000 Naira in your first few months should be the target and you can scale it up once you start getting consistent orders daily from your clients
What is the meaning of VTU and how can i make money with it?
VTU means virtual top-ups and it’s secure recharging Platform which is use to effectively manage the distribution of Prepaid products. VTU can turn any mobile phone into a powerful,secure recharging device, enabling distributors and agents to easily distribute a wide range of prepaid and VAS products such as Prepaid Airtime, Data, Electricity, Lotto Tickets etc.
For you to effectively carry out VTU recharge and get paid business, you must register and a VTU agent and have a VTU Wallet. Click Here for VTU Recharge and Get Paid Registration.
But before you start your VTU Agent registration, you have to be familiar with some terms you will come across in the VTU Business.
Who is a VTU Agent
A VTU agent is a person that has acquired the licence to carry out VTU recharge for prepaid products and VAS services like airtime recharge, Data, Electricity, Lotto Tickets etc.
How to get a VTU Wallet.
A VTU Wallet is where you can store all your products and carryout recharging operations. Once you become a VTU Agent, you have to fund your wallet and from the wallet you can then sell airtime, data etc to clients.
How Become a VTU Agent
In Nigeria, there are Various ways you can become a VTU recharge and get paid Agent but the best and most effective way is by joining the recharge and get paid RAGP Ltd. By becoming a VTU Agent through the RAGP,you will earn commission on every VTU and you will have opportunity to build a network of other agents around you and every through networking.
About Recharge and Get Paid Ltd
Recharge and get Paid Ltd is a company licenced by the NCC and CAC to carry out the services of VTU and mobile recharge. The company has the vision of empowering Nigerians and giving them financial freedom by providing then opportunity to make money and earn consistent cash flow daily by becoming RAGP VTU Agent.
As a VTU Agent of RAGP Recharge and get paid Ltd, You will make commissions on every recharge both personal and sales to clients done through your recharge and get paid VTU Wallet.
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How Does Recharge and get Paid Works

Recharge and get paid is a web based VTU Business and you can buy Airtime, do Data subscription, Subscribe for Dstv etc directly from your VTU wallet. Recharge and Get paid doesn’t have a mobile App yet but the website is optimized for Mobile and it’s very responsive. You can do your recharge and get paid VTU Business right on your mobile phone without any hassle.

Different Ways of Earning in Recharge and Get Paid VTU Business

1. 2% instant Commission on personal Airtime Purchase

2. 10% instant Commission on Personal Data Subscription

3. 0.36% instant Commission on Airtime Purchase of All your downlines

4. 1% instant Commission on Data Subscription of all your downlines

Different Ways of Earning in Recharge and Get Paid Affiliate Network

1. 20% instant Signup Bonus for joining the network

2. 20% direct referral bonus from every member you bring into the Network

3. 10% indirect referral bonus from your Level 2 members

4. 5% indirect referral bonus from your level 3 members

5. 2.5% indirect referral bonus from your level 4 members

6. 1.25% indirect referral bonus from your level 5 members

7. 1% indirect referral bonus from level 6 to level 10 members.

The recharge and get paid has been designed in such a way that once you are able to build a network of downlines, you will start making money every minutes through personal recharges from your VTU Wallet and that of your downlines.

Apart from the above commissions, there are other leadership bonus like cash gift of 100,000 Naira, Free Dubai Trip worth 500,000 naira, Car Bonus and House Bonus.

Also there is an instant sign up bonus of 20% of whatever package you are buying or activating.

Click Here for Recharge and Get Paid Registration and how to get Instant Signup Bonus of Upto 20,000 Naira.

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