Helping Hands International Review : Make Money Online with the Best Mlm in Nigeria 2017

I want to start this post  Helping Hands International Reviews with words of testimonies about the program, so pay close attention as you read what other members have to say about helping hands international before take a leap and join the program.

I just made it to stage 4 of Helping Hands. I want to give thanks to God for making this possible. I want to thank my down lines from Facebook for believing in this. What I have learnt is that the more we give, the more we receive. I took Helping Hands as a challenge to give more and I have been quite rewarded. Not with materials things (although the stage 4 comes with a brand new Hyundai Elantra 2016)  but I have been able to put my leadership skills in motion and what I believe in. Financial freedom that is. I have been able to prove that outside my 7 to 9 job, I can still do better out there. Those are words of testimony shared by Demola, One of the H2i members.

What is Helping Hands International (H2i)

H2i is a Non Governmental Organization with the vision to helping the poor and less privileged all over the world and empowering them to live a better life.
Helping hand international was founded by Luzviminda Mac-Elvis. She was born into a poor and humble home in the Phillipines. She had little or no means of making ends meet until she got a HELPING HAND  and was able to go to school on scholarship. Because of the way she suffered and was able to get help, she created a program where anybody can become a partner with onetime $40/
#6,600 payment and be able to get awesome benefits which include access to loan, trainning, laptops, Cars, Monies etc. You will also be able to nominate people and orphanage homes to be empowered.

Helping Hands International’s New Compensation Plan

Helping Hands International is different from other conventional MLM Programs because of its Vision and focus on provision of humanitarian services and financial empowerment.
Every H2i partner is mandated to get at least 2 other H2i partners who have to donate N6, 600 ($40) and also get at least two others who will do the same with  each duplicating themselves with a minimum of  2 person’s each.

There are 6 stages involved in the H2i Matrix:

Stage 1: Associate Member

This stage is based on a 2×2 Matrix and only 6 people is required for this stage to be completed. For every directly referred member, you will earn $8 each and your are required to refer just 2 people. Your earning at this stage will be $8 x 2 = $16. You will also earn  additional $10 when you complete the stage 1 so your earning will be $10 +  $16 = $26.
On the other hand, if you are able to refer more people, they will be spillovers for your direct downlines. For each, you will earn $8 also. If you are able to refer additional 4 people under your 2 direct downlines, your earning will be $8 x 4 = $32.

Total earning on Stage 1 will therefore be $16 + $10 +$32 = $58

 **Additional Incentive for Stage 1: Free trade/Skill Acquisition

  Stage 2 : Master Partner.
When you complete the Stage 1 as an Associate Member, you move to stage 2 as a Master Partner.
This is based on a 2×5 Matrix and every of your downlines as they complete their stage1 will join you
in the stage 2 Matrix.
Total earnings in stage 2 is $1,000.

**Additional Incentive for Stage 2 : Apple Ipad / Hp Laptop (Pavilion) and your Upline also gets a 10% matching bonus of $100.

Stage 3 : Super Master.
When you complete the Stage 2 as a Master Partner, you move to stage 3 as a Super Master.
This is also based on a 2×5 Matrix and every of your downlines as they complete their stage2 will join you in the stage 3 Matrix.
Total earnings in stage 3 is $3,000.

**Additional Incentive for Stage 3 : Brand New Hyundai Car or GAC Car and your Upline also gets a 5% matching bonus of $150. Also you will nominate 2 people and Helping Hand International will
empower them with $1,000 each on your behalf.

Stage 4 : Minister
When you complete the Stage 3 as a Super Master, you move to stage 4 as a Minister.
This is also based on a 2×5 Matrix and every of your downlines as they complete their stage3 will join you in the stage 4 Matrix.
Total earnings in stage 4 is $6,000.

**Additional Incentive for Stage 4 : Brand New Executive Hyundai Car and your Upline also gets a 5% matching bonus of $300. Also you will nominate a Motherless baby home for empowerment and You can request for interest free loan upto $12,000.

Stage 5 : Prime Minister
When you complete the Stage 4 as a Minister, you move to stage 5 as a Prime Minister.
This is also based on a 2×2 Matrix and every of your downlines as they complete their stage 4 will join you in the stage 5 Matrix.
Total earnings in stage 5 is $12,000.

**Additional Incentive for Stage 5 : You get $40,000 Housing Fund, All expense Paid International trip, $2,000 Education Fund for 2 of your Children, and your Upline also gets a 5% matching bonus of $600. Also you will get yearly bonus of $5,000 and have access to Elite Club loan facility of upto $44,000.

Stage 6 : Trustee
When you complete the Stage 5 as a Prime Minister, you move to stage 6 which is the final stage to become a member of board of trustees (Director)
This is also based on a 2×3 Matrix and every of your downlines as they complete their stage 5 will join you in the stage 6 Matrix.
Total earnings in stage 6 is $80,000.

**Additional Incentive for Stage 6 : You get $10,000 residual income for life, become director of next in line country to be launched and earn 1% commission on every signups from the country, Automatic qualification to attend AGM Abroad. Also you will be able to recommend 2 people with the same faith with you for scholarship empowerment.i.e if you are a Muslim, you recommend 2 Muslim for scholarship empowerment and if you are a Christian the same applies.

Services Provided By Helping hands International

There are 5 bouquet  of services offered by H2i.  These includes :

1. Humanitarian service

The major aim of Helping Hands International is to render help to people both members and non members alike. That is why Helping Hands International keeps reaching out to the less privileged, Widows, Motherless and the needy in general.

2. Trade and skill acquisition

H2i  believes so much in capacity building and human capital development. That is why Helping Hand International is helping members that wish to learn any form of trade by providing them all the required resource and support for it to be achieved.
Some of the trades members can learn includes but not limited to
* website design/development
* computer graphic design
* high quality detergent production (liquid soap and car wash)
* paint production
* fish and poultry farming
* bead making
* hat making
* car tracking technology

3. Asset and property support services

With this service, members can now enjoy the opportunity of owning a brand new car, or acquire properties of their choice. Whatever be your
dream assets, H2i will help you to own them in an easy way. Are you finding it difficult to buy a brand new car? Or machinery, even electronics or furniture? We help you the easy way; you contribute 30% of the total cost and H2i will help you with the balance of 70% which must be paid up within 12 months.
An MOU of repayment plan must be signed and agreement strictly adhere to. Weekly, monthly or quarterly repayment plan is allowed, but the amount given must be fully paid up within one year.

4. Financial Empowerment Services

We believe in touching the lives of our members and as they say, the idle mind is workshop for the devil, We want our members to be actively engaged for an economic gain and flourishing in what they do; do you have any financial challenge? or your business has been suffering because of lack of money, maybe your dream is to set up a new business or you simply wants to expand your existing one, we are here for you, we empower your business, we give helping hands to your business and help you to achieve your dream.

Whether you are a Rookie in the business world or a professional, we believe you need more money to fulfill your financial goal and that is where H2i steps in, to help you with an interest FREE. Our loan are in categories

      – Business Loan – Here helping hands Int’l, helps you with a loan to execute that project or business. At the complete cycle of the stage 4 (MINISTER) H2i will help you with an interest free loan of $12,000, the loan must be fully paid up in 12 month depending on the memorandum of understanding reached – H2i allow weekly, monthly or quarterly payment

      – Elite club member’s loan – The Elite club is design for members to boost their loan power and worthiness. With Elite loan, you can now enjoy good luxuries of life, enjoy better life style and execute that project in grand style. Over $40,000 Loan for grab. No interest, no collateral, no hassle, no gimmick, this is given at the end of the year or at the completion of the entire 5 stages – ASSOCIATE – PRIME MINISTER depending on which one comes first.

5. Scholarship award service.

This award aims to promote academic excellence and improve skills-base among orphans and the less privileged in our society The possibility were endless when you were growing up, one day you wanted to study abroad, the next you wanted to study in the best university in the world. Your dreams were superb, your future through the eyes of a junior scholar, that is Somewhere along the line fate stroked and you lost your sponsor or financier  or maybe the reality of life kicked in as a result of your poor background and the feeling that anything was possible started to fade and your dream of a better future may seemingly be gone.

That is where helping hands international steps in to help keep your dream alive, we help you give you these scholarship from your 1st year to when you graduate, we stand by you and see you through school.

The scholarship is offered in three categories –

 Educational Fund For Members children– Unlike number two and three  below, this is a fund made available for members children(two), each time a member complete the Prime Ministers stage, $2,000 is automatically paid to the member as educational fund. See details on our stage, $2,000 is automatically paid to the member as educational fund. See details on our compensation plan.

Scholarship for Orphans – To help support the orphanage home and the orphans therein, Helping Hands international designed this to reach out to orphans in our society. Board of Trustee members are required to visit any orphanage in their neighborhood and recommend 2 orphans yearly from  different homes, this two shall be given scholarship award, It  is part of our humanitarian services to the society where our members lives.

Scholarship For Religious People – In order for us to affect and touch  more lives, we have decided to look into religious bodies and organizations, most especially the churches and mosques. This type of empowerment is also by recommendation from our Trustee, Trustee members are to recommend 2 less privileged yearly from any religious gathering, such people must be in need and handicapped in paying their education fees/tuition. On approval, our regional reps shall visit such church to empower their people.

You might also be interested in a cheaper version of Helping hands International (H2i) which was launched not quite long ago. The Program is called Jamalife Helpers Global. The program operates like H2i but the initial cost is just $5(2,000 naira) Click here to see how Jamalife Works

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