7 Best Places to Prospect for Network Marketing.

7 Best Places to Prospect for Network Marketing.
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Why are network marketers always looking for prospects and what are the best places to prospect for network marketing? These and more are what I’m going to write about in this blog post. I’m into some great network marketing opportunities in the telecom industry, recharge and get paid and I can tell you categorically that your success as a network marketer depend on the number of prospects you can get to work with you on your business opportunity. Most 6 figure earners in the mlm industry are people that have being able to master the art of prospecting and they are really good at it. If you also want to be like them, then learn how to prospect too. Because it’s a very very rewarding art and recession proof too.

So you are ready to up your prospecting skills, but what are the best places to prospect for network marketing? I have tested a couple of places and some bring better results than others. The places I’m recommending in this blog post are some of the places you already know. Like social media networks, seminars etc I personally prospect for network marketing daily and I have had great results using some tools like the mlm gateway. But first what is network marketing prospecting?

What is network Marketing Prospecting?

Everyone knows that success in network marketing depend on the quality and quantity of prospects that you can get to work with you in your mlm opportunity. The art of searching and getting high quality prospects to join your network marketing opportunity is known as prospecting. There are various ways you can do this and it’s a process also. If you have a good upline, then following a duplicatable process already in place is the best way to start prospecting for mlm. May be your upline already has some prospecting tools, just plugin into those tools and use them to your advantage instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

Most people find it difficult to succeed in network marketing because they are way too smart to follow a working and proven process. They try to figure out thing in their own way and end up quitting soon because they find thing difficult. Want to make some good money in network marketing? Find some really great prospects, just few of them that I will call diamonds. These your diamonds will be few among the prospects that you will get may be just 5-10% of your total prospects but they will be responsible for your success in your network marketing opportunity. The remaining 95 -90% will quit or not just work as expected but it’s fine. In the next section of this blog post you will see some of the best places to prospect for Network Marketing.

7 Best Places to Prospect for Network Marketing.

Actually, it’s difficult to say the best places to prospect for network marketing. But in this digital era where almost everybody is now on social media and almost everyone has a smart phone, then I will say social media networks are the best places to prospect for network marketing.

  1. Facebook

Facebook has Millions of users all over the world and it should be your first place to go when prospecting for network marketing. It’s one of the best places you can prospect online. But you have to be careful and prospect professionally. Some prospecting tips for network marketing on facebook include add new friends daily if you have not reached the maximum number of friends on facebook which is about 5,000. You should search for people in other network marketing companies and send them a friend request. Doing like 10-15 daily should be enough so that you don’t over do and facebook ban/limit your account. Apart from sending friend request, you should post testimonials, updates and interesting information daily about your network marketing company in atleast 5 groups daily. Also your ad should be such that will encourage conversation and will make your prospect to either request for more info or drop their contacts so that you can send them more info.

  1. Instagram

Instagram also is one of the best places to prospect for network marketing. But you need to be posting testimonials, updates and if possible post videos. I’m of the opinion that videos perform better on instagram than just images. Add relevant tags to your pictures/images and tags upto 10 people that are influencers in your niche. Just like facebook, make your post conversational and ask your prospects to drop their contact details so that you can send them more info about your network marketing company.

  1. Linkedin

Linkedin is also one of the best places to prospect for network marketing. But you need to post testimonials and updates also and be professional. Most of the Linkedin users are income opportunity seekers so posting something that has to do with them getting better pay will make them respond better to your ad. Also ask them to drop their contact info so that you can send them more info.

  1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is also one of the best places to prospect for network marketing. The powerful prospecting tool is actually where most of the prospecting and training will be taking place. The other social media can be used for the lead generation but starting a training group on Whatsapp is where the proper prospecting actually take place. You can share detailed presentation about your network marketing opportunities through the Whatsapp. You can share, video, audio files, images, text. You can do video call, audio calls, etc This is a very powerful prospecting tool which every serious network marketer must learn how to use properly. For the essence of duplication, it very ease for your downlines to duplicate when you use Whatsapp, just encourage them to start their own whatsapp groups and just copy and forward the training and presentations from the main group to their own group. No need to creative just simple copy and paste and if your uplines are getting results, you surely will get good results too.

  1. Youtube

Youtube is also one of the best places to prospect for network marketing. This can easily be done with your mobile phone. Youtube also has millions of audience and if you make a good youtube video, do all the video seo by writing your titles properly to include your keywords, your descriptions also have your keywords, and leave a link or your phone number for your prospects to be able to contact you. To start making youtube videos for Network marketing opportunities, you can just use your mobile phone and record yourself giving a presentation about your company, or giving a testimony etc. You can also do a screen capture video, or powerpoint presentation etc and post on Youtube.

  1. Mlm gateway

Mlm gateway is also one of the best places to prospect for network marketing. The Mlm gateway is a cool forum where you can find people interested in network marketing. You can use the free  membership to contact other members about your opportunities but when you upgrade to premium, you will be able to contact more people about your opportunity. This networking too will ensure you never run out of people to prospect daily. New members joins the mlm gateway so you will get new eye balls looking at your opportunity everyday.

  1. Seminars and Events

Seminars and events are also one of the best places to prospect for network marketing. If properly planed and the speakers are very motivation, you can get a lot of prospects at seminars. You can also make some prospecting tools that the people who attend the seminars can go with and later contact you when they are ready to come on board.

We have seen in this blog post 7 best places to prospect for network marketing. You can go and implement them immediately and explode your network. I’m currently building a team of motivated users of airtime who want to become extra ordinary millionaires. You can join me on the recharge and get paid network and have opportunity to earn per seconds. Earn on every airtime recharge, data subscription, Dstv, Gotv, electricity bill payments etc. Also earn incentives like 500,000 Naira all paid expense trip to Dubai, 2 Million car fund, 3 Million first house fund, 4 Million second house fund and 6 million third house fund.

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